Welcome to Connie Curlett

Counseling and Coaching for Individuals, Couples and Groups

My name is Connie Curlett and I am a psychotherapist and certified life coach. I   work with individuals, couples and families helping them improve the relationships in their lives. I approach my work with a unique blend of counseling and coaching to help my clients find healing and empowerment. Whether there is something specific you want to address, or you have a general feeling of being stuck in your life and you don’t know where to start, I would like to help you. Together we can move you towards creating the life you want and deserve.   My practice is completely online freeing you from the stress and time of traffic and parking.

I work with people experiencing:

  • Life Transitions
  • Problems in their Relationship or Marriage and Relationship Challenges (specializing in infidelity)
  • Separation and Divorce Recovery
  • Personal Growth & Self Discovery
  • Low Self-Worth (learn how to stop hustling for worthiness)
  • Parenting Issues
  • Past Childhood Abuse or Trauma

I am positive, caring and genuine. Our work together will be a dynamic and interactive process, blending empathy and compassion with humor and honesty.


Before our work with Connie I didn’t think there was any hope that our marriage would survive “the affair”. She gradually helped us see that it doesn’t have to be a life sentence and gave us the tools to get past the hurt to have a more honest and in a lot of ways stronger relationship. We are forever grateful for her patience and overall caring about our relationship.


We came to Connie as our last stop before breaking up, selling our condo and moving on separately with our lives. Our communication was endless fighting followed by endless silent treatment. We learned vital tools to help us communicate in a way that honored our selves and our relationship as well as ways to repair old hurts of the past. Because of this work we not only stayed together but we got married and invited Connie to the wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. W

Connie is really big on “keeping your side of the street clean” and as a result I know I have become a better person, the person that was always there but I now can see more clearly. She is very direct and holds you accountable and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I refer her to everyone I know that wants a different perspective and wants to make positive changes in their lives.


Each session with Connie I leave feeling like I know a bit more about myself. I leave her office with an overwhelming sense of clarity. She helps me see past the stories I have been telling myself and to live with integrity. Connie is the shot of reality I have always needed.


I have been a client of Connie Curlett’s for some time now. When I first went to her I was very impressed by her asking me to list the life values such as integrity or honesty that I deemed to be most important for me. Thereafter, as we worked through the issues I brought to the table, Connie would relate back to my values and help me see and understand if my actions regarding any particular issue or problem reflected my value or values.

Connie is a kind, thoughtful and upbeat person who did not hesitate to render an opinion on any question or problem I might have but she did it in a supportive fashion that made me always feel that she cared about me. Through her questions and observations, I would arrive at conclusions or insights that seemed just right for me and gave me hope and strength to carry on.

The highest accolade I can give Connie is that she has made a positive difference in my life and for that I am deeply grateful. Although I have been to a number of counselors over the years, Connie Curlett stands head and shoulders above anyone else. I highly recommend her.


I have worked with Connie individually as well as participated in her Daring Way group & it really WAS life changing- not just the material we covered but the other participants were from different walks of life, race, ages, stages, economic, educational backgrounds, total eye opener on how similar our struggles are- I Would TOTALLY do it again...


My life is changing because of this group and the 8 week Daring Greatly course, I am thankful beyond words. Although I have only been practicing vulnerability for a short time it has had a dramatic impact on how I relate to myself (with love and caring) and the world around me (that I am enough for this world). I am hooked!

Connie Curlett is AMAZING! I’m sooo incredibly grateful to have her in my life! She is an incredible mentor/advisor and trusted confidant. I’ve been going to her for almost 2 years, and now, I hardly see her, because she has empowered me with the tools I needed to navigate my world of relationships.