Recovering from Adultery, Infidelity, Affairs & Betrayal

Recovering from adultery and the other betrayals can cut deep and to the heart of a relationship.

This shatters the once cherished sense of trust, safety and connection. Your relationship can survive, but in order to heal relationally and move past an affair, there are key elements that must exist and be nurtured within your couple hood.

Anytime you or your partner turn to outside sources for emotional support rather than turning toward each other, you will risk weakening the foundation of your couple hood.

Chances are if an affair has occurred, there have also been other betrayals in your relationship or marriage such as:

  • Loyalty to family or friends over you and your relationship
  • Making work your 1st priority and not your relationship

As a result you may end up feeling dismissed and unimportant to your spouse or partner. Although these betrayals may not include another person they can still be very painful. Couples and marriage counseling can help you identify what is needed and the healthy steps you can take that will substantially aid your healing process. Call or email me to find out how couples counseling can help you, your partner and your relationship begin to heal, recover and eventually thrive.

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