Coaching for Individuals

Vision * Goals * Relationships * Balance * Support

Some of the benefits people have experienced from coaching include:


  • Improved relationships
  • Clearer vision of your goals and dreams
  • Greater sense of balance and fulfillment
  • Support and encouragement through transitions – life and /or career
  • New perspectives on yourself and your world

Coaching gives you peace of mind. At the heart of coaching is its ability to help you directly address the places in your life where you are stuck or frustrated and looking for new ways to accomplish your goals. Coaching provides you the knowledge and power to shift your perspectives in the situations confronting you, discovering new views, new possibilities and realizing new openings for action. Ultimately a coach enables you to really take control of your life, break free your self-defeating thoughts and design the life that you will love.

What does life coaching look like?
Coaching consists of conversations that are based on respect, openness, compassion and empathy. My coaching style is co-active meaning it differentiates from other coaching methods because I believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. As a coach and client working together, we will build a relationship that cultivates new discoveries, new awareness and the wealth of choices available to you. This process will effectively empower you to find your own answers while also encouraging and supporting you along the path to achieve your goals.

Coaching sessions most often take place on the phone. This offers you convenience and a reduction stress in your life. No more rushing to make an appointment, no getting stuck in traffic on the way. Your sessions can be in the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.

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Neuro Transformational Coaching

About Neuro Transformational Coaching:

Our brains have the capacity to change and grow well beyond childhood. However, we often find ourselves stuck in hardwired thinking patterns known as neural pathways. Neuro Transformational Coaching helps us break out of the deeply hardwired autopilot our brains favor and move into more conscious thought and deliberate action; embedding new and positive habits to achieve long-lasting change. Using techniques based in neuroscience and psychology, this unique style of coaching helps you discover how to identify and shift your level of effectiveness, propelling you, or your team/organization towards increased productivity and satisfaction.

I am certified as a professional co-active coach (CPCC)  through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and a Neuro Transformational Coach (CNTC) through BEabove Leadership. BEabove Leadership takes a holistic approach with their science of effectiveness which must include the heart, the gut, the body itself, and the way we are in relationship as well as things that can only be understood on the quantum level.

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