Coaching for Parents and Families

In coaching we begin by creating a family map, identifying what your values, goals and dreams are as a parent(s), as a family and for your children.

We will then look at where you are now in terms of parenting and family life, and create a plan that will move you to where you want to be.

Important components in Family Life:  

  • Connection, family members have a sense of belonging and significance
  • Parenting that allows children to discover how capable they are
  • Teaching children problem solving skills and cooperation
  • Family members showing mutual respect, children learning respect for self and others
  • Focusing on solutions rather punishment
  • Discipline that is effective long-term, children learning natural consequences
  • Parents in agreement on overall parenting style, forming a united respectful front
  • Adhering to your values, goals and dreams

Some of the benefits Parents have experienced after coaching:

  • More harmony and laughter in their homes
  • More overall cooperation and respect
  • A clear and deeper sense of their family’s values

Are you ready to:

  • Identify family values, goals and dreams to create a strong family foundation?
  • Strengthen connectedness to make your family a safe haven for all members?
  • Gain peace and harmony through mutual respect and cooperation?
  • Add more fun to your family life?

For more information or to schedule a coaching session you can contact me at:
206-293-5889 or