The power of relationship coaching is in its ability to connect you to new ways of looking at and being in relationship with your partner. Ultimately it opens you to new perspectives, new possibilities and creates a strong foundation that will allow you and your relationship to thrive and grow over time.

Are you:

  • Wanting new possibilities for your relationship
  • Committed to success
  • Wanting results
  • Willing to learn
  • Ready for action


Healthy relationships are dynamic and continually growing


At the heart of relationship coaching is its ability to help you directly address the areas where you and your partner are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy. As you begin to identify and learn about the areas and issues that generate distance and disconnection in your relationship, we will create a personally designed action plan that will allow your relationship to continuously grow towards balance and health.

In our work together you will learn how relationships are strengthened through:

  • Connections based on love, admiration and respect
  • Creating and cultivating a culture of appreciation for each other and your relationship
  • The ability to support growth in your partner and in your relationship
  • The ability to consider your partners perspective
  • The ability to take responsibility for your actions
  • Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict
  • Resolving conflicts, owning your part and understanding the importance of repair work
  • Knowing when to stay, and knowing when to leave a relationship

Can you imagine your relationship as a safe haven, centered on love and friendship as well as mutual respect and support? Relationship coaching can help you and your relationship move to a higher level of functioning.

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