Divorce Support

Navigating Change Together in Madison Valley


For more information on how you can start today call my colleague Alison Withey at 206 250-9060 or email her at alison@alisonwithey.com.  I am no longer facilitating the divorce groups but she would be happy to help you. 

A Therapeutic Support Group

The group offers you a safe environment where you can share with others as well as hear others experiences, find out you are not alone and support each other on your journey through this time of transition.

Some of the topics and questions we have explored in group are:

When does the hurt and/or anger go away?

What if my ex-spouse and I don’t see eye to eye on parenting?

What does a healthy relationship look like?

How do I start to rebuild my life and create my own identity when my life has been so entwined and about another person?

I don’t know who I am anymore…

Join us as we work towards building community, healing pain, and finding clarity and purpose through personal growth. Getting the support you need and deserve will help you navigate your path during this time of change.


  • “I always leave feeling like I was truly listened to. Alison and Connie were so empathetic and had helpful things to say. I felt very comfortable and supported. A Godsend. Thank you.” D.D.
  • “Great! Both counselors are insightful, good listeners and consistently give helpful feedback. Every time I leave I have new thoughts and things to do that will help me along due to their observations. Come!” S.K.
  • “It was good to have an opportunity to share my story. I appreciated the support, encouragement, and validation. Hearing about other experiences shed some light into my own. Looking forward to another group. Connie and Alison are both wonderful ladies – they are warm and welcoming and offer a lot lot of insight and wisdom.” B.E.
  • “This is a great meeting! A totally safe environment to bring anything and everything to the table.” M.K.