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Concerned Friend

By June 23, 2017Vitamin C

Dear Vitamin C –

My best friend has an off/on relationship with his girlfriend. She recently moved out of his house because his two daughters do not like her. He keeps going back to her because he feels there is “no one else out there for him.”   It is hard to see my good friend settling for less than the happiness that he deserves. What is the best way I can support him through this struggle?

Concerned Friend


Dear Concerned Friend –

It is hard to see someone you care about hurting. Let your friend know that you care about him and ask if he wants to talk about his relationship. If he doesn’t then respect that desire and do your best to simply be there for him regardless of his choices. If he does want to talk, ask him if he is staying with his girlfriend out of love or fear. Relationship choices made based on love have a good chance of resulting in a more loving relationship. However, choices made based on fear often result in a cycle of fear and typically don’t end well. Of course there are no guarantees but starting from a place of love and joy vs. fear of not enough is at least a step in the right direction.

Yours – Vitamin C

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