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Did Your Feelings Get Hurt? – Just Catch It In The Mitt

By September 17, 2013February 18th, 2015Healthy relationships, Self-esteem

Personal Feelings

Your feelings got hurt and you may be overthinking it.

Was it a result of something someone says, an unsettling look, or a joke at your expense? We often take things too personally by making assumptions about the intentions of another person. Most people are focused intensely on their own lives, often with little awareness of others. This focus is the same reason we often assume that a statement or look is about us rather than the other person.
Eleanor Roosevelt stated “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission,” She recognized that there are two people involved in every interaction and it’s up to you how you process the other person’s action.

The next time someone says or does something that feels hurtful or insulting, rather than catching it in your heart try catching it in the mitt instead. Catching it outside of yourself allows you to examine it, and consider whether the other person’s act is about them rather than you.

Catching it in the mitt will also remind you not to take things personally. This practice will help improve your relationship with yourself and others. When you improve your relationships, you improve your life.

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